Dr. Georg Hilfenhaus, post-doctoral fellow, communicates on the differences in barrier function in distinct vascular bed

Dr. Georg Hilfenhaus, post-doctoral fellow at the Arispe Lab, and collaborators (including 4 undergraduate trainees of the Lab: Dai Nguyen, Jonathan Freshman, Divya Prajapati and Dana Song) have a newly accepted paper in JCB showing Vav3, a GEF that regulates the cytoskeleton, is a critical regulator of barrier that is expressed in capillaries but is absent from large vessel endothelium.

Hilfenhaus, G., Nguyen, D., Freshman, J., Prajapati, D., Ma, F., Song, D., Ziyad, S., Cuadrado, M., Pellegrini, M., Busteo, X.R., Iruela-Arispe, M.L. 2018. VAV3-induced Cytoskeletal Dynamics Contribute to Heterotypic Properties of Endothelial Barriers. J Cell Biol. In Press.